Aggregation 2021-01-04

Aggregation of information is super powerful. Be it news sites aggregating different articles and categories based on your interests or locations or a personally-aggregated list of RSS feeds or subscribed newsletters.

Podcast Recommendation: Planet Money 2020-02-23

Planet Money is a podcast discussing different topics in economics (feed). Besides being very informative, they authors add an entertaining spin to make this a recreational topic.

In a recent episode, which I’d suggest as a good entry point for this podcast is, multiple famous economists are asked for their opinion on What’s the most useful idea in economics?. This leads to discussions on the basics of economic theory and historic developments.

Recommendations 2020-01-19

This periodic category lists recommendations, mostly for blogs and podcasts.

WDR Zeitzeichen

This daily podcast (feed) discusses historic events, usually motivated by anniversaries.

It’s well produced and the content is a nice mix of old and more recent events. Some of the latest episodes I listened to:

  • Das Betriebsrätegesetz wird beschlossen (am 18.1.1920)
  • Biafrakrieg endet (am 15.1.1970)
  • Ersatzdienstgesetz wird verkündet (am 13.1.1960)
  • Gründung der Partei “Die Grünen” (am 12.1.1980)


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Using Let's Encrypt with Gitlab Pages 2018-08-15

This page uses SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt. Getting those into Gitlab Pages requires some effort. The general idea is described in this post. For details checkout the code in the public repo for this page.

Hugo 2018-08-14

This page is now using hugo with the hyde-hyde theme and is hosted on Gitlab based on the Gitlab Pages example.