Check bibtex files for unused citations

If you collect references in a bibtex file to later cite them in a latex document, it is useful to know, which entries are not yet or no longer cited. It turns out this issue came up on stackexchange and led to the creation of a new tool: checkcites.

In …

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New Page

This site is now based on pelican and hosted on GitLab Pages!

The source code of this site is at

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Thinkpad Battery Charging Thresholds

On Thinkpads one can set the charging thresholds on the battery. By doing so the battery is only charged once it falls under a certain percentage level and stops charging when it reaches another level. This supposedly increases the lifetime of the battery, see …

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Mirroring a mediawiki locally

Sometimes you want a permanent local copy of a webpage. In my case it was a mediawiki that required users to login before displaying content.

There is a quick-and-dirty way to do this, described at The Problem is that wget also fetches the …

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Beamer Overlay -- make sense of <+-+>

In LaTeX's beamer class, you can specify overlays, i.e. on which slides which part should appear. Instead of putting numbers, you can use increment counters:
\begin{itemize}\item<+-> Apple\item<+-> Peach\item<+-> Plum\item<+-> Orange\end{itemize}

Here + refers to the current overlay and increments automatically: apple gets 1 …

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Force reboot circumventing systemd

Systemd crashed once again on one of our machines, thus breaking reboot and systemctl reboot, which just hang when called.

In that case, there is a quick-and-dirty way of rebooting the system. Be careful, this might break your system, i.e. not umount properly.

echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrqecho …

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Gnome 3 does not allow to lock the screen with kdm

Gnome 3 some time ago decided to remove the gnome-screensaver, which could be used to lock the screen. Now gdm is needed to lock the screen. If you have a setup with multiple desktop environments and use kdm or lightdm, then there is no built-in way to lock gnome any …

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Movements in VIM

My favorite text editor allows all kinds of movements in files.
Instead of moving the cursor position in a fixed screen (using e.g. j,k), it might be better to move the screen and leave the cursor in a central position, such that you can see more context for …

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Copy and Paste in tmux

Linux (more specifically the X server) allows to copy text by just selecting it with the mouse. It can then be pasted using the middle mouse.

This feature can be broken easily. For example when using tmux, this does no longer work.

The original behavior can be restored by pressing …

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